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We are a team with a wide range of skills that knows how to make the most of our experience in the electromechanical industry, electric engines, devices for generating high magnetic fields, electromagnets and measurement tools for electromagnetism and magnetic materials.

  • Consolidated experience: over 300 projects completed in 18 years

  • Varied skills: mechanics, electromagnetics, thermal and acoustic vibration

  • “Hands-on” experience: creation of prototypes, experience in production technology



We propose innovative, customised solutions with the use of different calculation programs


We love challenges and new projects backed by feasibility studies and the search for new state-of-the-art solutions


We are experienced, flexible, precise and constantly up-to-date so we can offer you the best solution at any time


We are a stimulus for our clients thanks to our specialist consultancy

Spin’s team is at your disposal for any need