SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche Srl is a services company operating in the design of electromagnetic devices and the distribution of simulation programs for electromagnetic devices, electric motors, mechanical analysis and control systems.

SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche Srl pays particular attention to the needs of the user via personalisation of software, creation of prototypes and magnetic measurements.

Spin Applicazioni Magnetiche is also a distributor of ALTAIR products, an American multinational company, leader in the field of simulation programs for numerous engineering subjects: we therefore have a wide range of programs available.

We also carry Motor Design Ltd. products for the electromagnetic, thermal calculation and electric motors efficiency maps. We have, therefore, added OptiStructFEA (mechanical analysis), Hypermesh (preprocessing), FEKO (high frequency), Acusolve (Cfd), MotionSolve (multibody), Activate (control systems) and numerous others from the ALTAIR range to the range of software we have been dealing in for years like FLUX.

We are also skilled in training and the use of calculation programs; we provide technical-scientific consulting, alongside the development of new projects and we can follow projects in their entirety from the initial idea, to the production of prototypes and production technology.

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SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche’s aim is to design electromagnetic devices and the distribution of calculation programs for electromagnetism and the design of electric motors with particular focus on the user’s needs through the personalisation of software, the creation of prototypes and magnetic measurements.
An aim backed by a team of experts with specific expertise based on their skills and continuous research to offer a full electromagnetic consultation.
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SPIN Applicazioni Magnetiche’s vision is to make their application or device ready to use and stimulating for the user through the design, distribution of calculation programs and research. The achievement of our vision is strictly linked by customisation, extended to prototype creation and the characterisation of magnetic materials.
A made in Italy vision with a keen eye focused abroad.

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